Thursday, November 15, 2007

Calendars and big decisions

I think I have already mentioned that the patterns I submitted to the contest for the 2007 calendar (knit and crochet) were both published. I'm just wondering, has anyone recieved the calendars yet? Well, the end of the year is getting closer. Could they have lost my address??
The knitting pattern I submitted is a little girl's summer top:

and the crochet one is a sewing caddy:

it's perfect for using scraps and leftovers.

Last week while I was going through my usual old magazines I suddenly got the urge to make a couple of crochet squares

I like them both so much that I wouldn't know which one to choose if I decided to make something. Not that I plan to, but it's a possibility.
At the moment I'd be more inclined to making a sweater for myself. Haven't made one in years and I have a delicious alpaca blend I want to use asap. Problem: I only have 200gr white, and 150gr beige so it's going to be a 3 colour sweater. I don't mind, but can't make up my mind...

or white-beige-brown?