Saturday, June 28, 2008

About Edelweiss shawl pattern..

Several ladies have contacted me asking how "hard" the Edelweiss shawl is to make.
I wouldn't recomend it to beginners, but there are no real difficulties in it.
The stitches used are basic ones: chain, single crochet, double treble crochet. I would say that if you can make a doily following a written pattern then you can crochet this shawl fairly easily.
The mesh (arches) triangle can be finished in no time and the lace border is repetitive. You only have to read the pattern one time at the beginning of each row, it is very easily memorized. And, of course, I am always here for help and info if needed. Just contact me (contact details here) and I will answer asap. That obviously goes for all my patterns.
Now for my wips:
finally finished the fronts of the striped cotton top

I still haven't made up my mind about the type of border for finishing it off.

Then there's another shawl, this time it's knitted. A couple of years ago I made the Venezia shawl:

my very first creation, designed and knitted proudly by me. What I didn't consider at the time was how much lace can "grow" when blocked, and it turned out way too large for a petite lady like me: over 2 meters wide. So it set in the wardrobe for almost two years before I made the hard decision of ripping it. Now that lovely wool has joined the stash in 4 neat balls and here is the new Venezia, smaller this time and in blue fingering weight 100% BBB wool:

one more row then I'll be casting off. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It's so hot and humid I might not have the energy to pick it up for days...Oh, and I even wrote the pattern while knitting it, which is unusual for me! ;)

Axel agrees. Don't you find him adorable?


melusine_tricote said...

Wow !!! The shawl is absolutely amazing !!!

Patrizia said...

The top is looking good!

What a shame about the shawl...we live and learn I guess.

Axel has grown to be a handsome young man! hehe. ;)

Mimi said...

The knitted shawl is really should be recreated :)