Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A lot has happened since my last post. My peaceful life has been upset by unespected events and the necessity of important and not easy decisions. I will not go into details, what I can say is that I will have to face some unespectedly and extraordinary expenses and since the economy is not at its best here, like everywhere else, I have been trying to fight the overwhelming feeling of powerelessness working as much as I can. Because I am definitely not up to getting into challenging projects I have been working on small, simple handmade items that I plan to sell, actually some are already listed in my Etsy shop - a crocheted shawl

and two cell phone cases

and I will be adding gradually others. I have also decided that it's time to part with some things which I have cherished for a long time but have no real meaning to me at this point of my life. They are going to be listed in an Etsy vintage shop that I will be opening by the end of this week. Please check them out. I will add updates and more details soon.

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Pammy Sue said...

I hope everything is okay, Rita. Sounds like it's probably not. I'm sorry.

I'll be looking forward to looking through your vintage store.