Friday, September 18, 2009

Knit, crochet, cook.

One of the things I have neglected very much lately is cooking. I obviously cook every day, lunch and dinner, but nothing special. Being in Italy means eating pasta very often and I have plenty of personal recipes for tasty pasta sauces which are made in a jiffy. Which comes handy especially when it's hot or when I'm too taken by my work.
Although I like hot soup all year round, the rest of the family enjoys it only in the cold season with the exception of my "Peas and prawns pasta soup" which can be eaten hot or warm. It is delicious.
Here on the coast I can get the freshest seafood and I can assure you that using fresh prawns is the secret for making this dish a masterpiece!

Made it yesterday. And a banana - nut bread for which I didn't follow a recipe. I used my bread machine and the recipe for white bread with milk and one egg instead of water, a small piece of butter, a little honey, 2 mashed ripe bananas, raisins, chopped walnuts and hazelnuts, cinnamon.

Quite good. Plan to make another one tomorrow, but I will add a couple of tbls of sugar to the mixture this time.

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Mimi said...

Yummy!! We have similar food preferences...though its hard to find fresh seafoods near our place.