Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The "health" of our planet is compromised, there is no doubt about it and there is no turning back. How sad! But each one of us can play a very important part in reducing the amount of trash we generate by re-using as many products as possible. I have thought of a nice way of decorating my home at Christmas using "trash", which also means saving money. ;)

Firstly, these crocheted Christmas tree ornaments made with cotton thread, beads and soda can tabs that I created for the Etsyhookers crochet challenge 7 -

It took me about four hours to complete both.

And how about these candle holders made with green and yellow plastic soda bottles. Don't they look like glass?

There's a bit of work involved into making these but I think the result is worth it.
I'm thinking about making a few more with clear plastic water bottles.

Think about it... Together we can save our planet for our children!


Mimi said...

I adore your tree ornaments, Rita!
Those candle holders are wonderful, I couldn't guess how you made it...
We don't have soda cans and tabs to recycle since I don't buy soda ;)

Patrizia said...

What if we don't have children?
I'm just kidding Big sis...

You are a recycling genius.
Did you put the plastic bottles at low temperature in the oven or microwave?


Rita said...

Thanks Mimi!
You could always ask your friends to keep the can tabs for you.....:)

Rita said...

Genius?? Hahaha....
I curled the plastic using the flame of a candle. ;)

Patrizia said...

It was a great idea!! ;)

Annie said...

Rita, great ideas!! you're really creative!!