Monday, February 5, 2007

Another shawl.

Is it spring already?
Well, something is definately happening out there. As a matter of fact a lot of the plants in our garden have never stopped flowering. Amazing!! Our almond trees have beautiful sweet smelling white flowers, the acacia tree with its bright yellow inflorescence reminds me of a soft cloud, coloured and fragrant, a joy for the eye.
And me...well I'm in a creative mood.
After a period of mental lethargy I am beginning to make order in that messy confusion of ideas that has been lurking in my head since the beginning of this year.
The knit and crochet patterns for the calendar submissions had all my concentration for weeks. Now that's out of the way and I'm concretely planning a couple of projects. First of all a crochet shawl. This is the swatch I made last night:

Yes it is pretty! I reproduced part of a round doily that my mother had given me years ago. The wool I plan to use is the on the right. It is actually lighter that it looks in the picture, a beautiful shade of pink. I have 150 grams, approx. 675 meters. I really hope it will be enough.
I have also made a swatch for a knitted shawl, but I'm not 100% sure I like it. I'll post a photo of it once I have made up my mind about it. Give me a few more days!

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