Tuesday, February 13, 2007


meteoropathy (from Greek meteora, celestial phenomena, and pathos, feeling, pain, suffering): a disorder, or physical condition, or symptom due to climate or conditions of weather such as humidity, temperature or pressure.

This definition couldn't be more appropriate for me.
Two days of non-stop rain and the very strong wind from the north that we are experiencing have been putting my nerves to a severe trial.
Lack of concentration is the thing that bothers me most. Feeling sleepy and apathic, weak and headachy? Join the club!
In spite of that I have tried hard to keep myself busy:

I've been working at this shawl mostly at night. Not having a scheme to follow makes it easy to crochet and watch some nice movie at the same time.
The small piece of knitting on the corner at the top is another shawl. The picture is a bit blurry but I will take a close up just as soon as I have knitted enough to show the actual pattern. Normally I don't like having more that one project going at the same time but as I have stated many times before I just cannot concentrate on anything other than plain knitting at night. So I have found this solution and I'm quite satisfied. For the time being anyway.

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