Saturday, July 28, 2007

Progress on shawl.

I like the way it's turning out. Light and lacy, that's how I like my shawls. I still have about 15cms. to crochet and I estimate it will take me at least 4-5 days before it will be ready to be washed and blocked, but then, what's the hurry?.

Made this swatch for a possible future project:

Pretty, don't you agree?

And since we all have to eat something.....

....this zucchini quiche is perfect for a light summer dinner.
I will write the recipe asap for you!
As far as the calender is concerned, well I had a nice surprise discovering that both the patterns I submitted have been published on the Pattern-a-day calenders, crochet and knit. Considering they are the first patterns I have ever submitted, well I am very pleased. It has done wonders for my self-confidence as a designer!

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