Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Little aliens

When I woke up this morning I couldn't have imagined that this would not have been an ordinary day. But when i looked outside I realized something was wrong...terribly wrong.
THEY were everywhere!
Hiding in the weeds..

trying to mimetic among the lemons..

under the plants...

WHAT?...on the computer...

...and...making friends with Grumpy the dwarf!

Oh, that's enough....I'd better run to separate those two before they get into some mischief...and FAST!!

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marie c. said...

Ciao Rita,

I hope you are doing very well. Your duckies look so sweet! You know, I am planning to start knitting toys! I have already bought the yarn for a teddy bear, let's see how it goes.
Your crocheted cushion is a beautiful pattern and I appreciate your offer to help, nevertheless I think I still need to improve my crochet abilities to crochet it. You are such an accomplished crocheter! It is silly, I stopped this craft for no real reason and now I am trying to remember it.

Oh, you have a Jacaranda tree! you are so lucky, our garden at home is not so big. I have a tiny Jacaranda in a pot but we are afraid that if planted it might end up harming the house! :), so I am planning to buy it a bigger pot so it can grow more.
I hope that the writing of your patterns keeps on coming along nicely.
I wish you a great weekend!