Monday, April 28, 2008

What's next?

Remember my Pink and lacey summer shawl?

I improvised as I went on.
Problem: I want to write a pattern for it.
Solution: make another shawl and write the pattern.
Pros: that gives me the possibility of testing the pattern myself.
Cons: I doubt that I can finish it in less than 8-10 days.
So this is my next goal. The yarn I have chosen is 100% laceweight wool but this time in a very pale aqua, almost white. The reason is that I see it as a lovely spring wedding shawl. Well it's an idea and there's something else too but I'm not revealing anymore for the time being, since it's only something i have been visualizing in my mind and I'm not sure it can be accomplished as a project.
In the past three weeks i have "wasted" time making toys....duckies..


and a couple more will be ready by the end of the week.
Why did I say "wasting time"? Only because there are no children around to play with these cute toys. Pity!
Changing the subject, I don't think I have mentioned the fact that i consider myself privileged everytime i look out of a window or step outside in my garden. And the reason is this:

and as the weather gets warmer that blue sea becomes more and more inviting.
It even makes me want to grab brushes and colours and start painting, something that lately hasn't been on my mind much. But that's another story. My priorities are others at the moment, firstly spring cleaning. Not looking forward to that but someone has to do it and, guess who will? ;)


Mimi said...

That's a very pretty shawl! I'd put it in my queue. Too bad, I can't find time to make shawls while there are still some WIPs for designs that I couldn't quite finish up...
Your place looks beautiful and inspiring!

marie c. said...

Ciao Rita,
Good luck with your lace shawl. It is absolutely gorgeous and the acqua color will give it a fresh spring look!
Oh, I think your knitted toys are so cute. I love the frog! I will also start knitting toys, I believe you saw the bear pattern I chose, still I want to finish one of the WIP that I have before casting on the bear.
Yes, you are very lucky, what an inspiring view! L'Italia e' cosi' bella!

Patrizia said...

I've always loved that shawl big sis, and in pink it looks extra pretty.
Sounds like you've been working hard lately but now it's time to take a rest and enjoy the beautiful views with a nice iced tea!