Friday, May 2, 2008

A quick update.

Like I said in my previous post, more toys but this time they are knit..

..the pattern will be ready in one or two days.
Progress on Pink and Lacey's pattern:

so far so good. Nearly finished the mesh triangle which is obviously the easy part. We'll see about the lace border which I count to start possibly before the weekend.

Seems like we're heading for an early summer here in southern Italy. Days are warming up considerably and the garden....what can I say? It's glorious.



and you should see the roses! They are absolutely fantastic. I will take shots this weekend and post the photos on Monday.
See you all then!


Mimi said...

Your knitted dolls are adorable! You seem to be whipping up your projects so fast ;)

Patrizia said...

It's good to know you've been getting into the crochet and knitting lately. When are we going to see a sweater? ;)

marie c. said...

I love the little toys! They are quite adorable. Congratulations!
Lovely flower pictures! A presto!