Thursday, May 28, 2009

Afghans in spring

An afghan can take several months to finish, so it makes sense to start working on it perhaps in spring or in summer and have it ready for the following autumn-winter season. I was looking at some beautiful quilts on a magazine a couple of months ago and I decided to crochet a small blanket. I was pleasantly impressed by the double wedding ring motif in particular, which is so popular and at the same time I wanted to create a simple pattern, an alternative to the common granny square.
This is what I came up with.

Isn't it pretty? It would make a lovely gift for a wedding or for Christmas.
I count on having the pattern ready by Monday and I will be posting more photos as well as details about the project.

Next week will be a busy one. I need to get stuck into some serious spring cleaning, which includes rearranging the bir's for the warm season, then I plan to finish the Tango shawl. That shouldn't take me more than 2-3 days, unless I get distracted by a new inspiration. You never know!


Mimi said...

I like it...looks very interesting and unique design!

Patrizia said...

It's lovely big sis - the 2 colour effect is different!