Friday, May 15, 2009

It's that time of the year...

There isn't a corner of the garden that is not in full bloom. Like every year it happens suddenly, one morning I step outside what I see takes away my breath. Anyone with a sane mind would be out there smelling, observing, enjoying... and what does yours truly do? Knit! For some mysterious reason I seem to be more interested in the colour of yarn than in the colour of the gifts of mother nature. But that isn't entirely true. The deep red of my roses has given me inspiration for this shawl, which I have called "Tango".
Sneak peak...

Those who know me know that red is not one of the colours I like to wear but I had this beautiful laceweight wool in my stash that kept blinking at me.
One thing I have learned about red is that there's no way you can work with it at night, not even with all the lights on. Or maybe it's just me?
Anyway, I plan to have it ready for testing by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!

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Patrizia said...

Wow that's a bright red big sis!
I think you are right about working with it at night... it's just one of those colours, along with black that is so hard to work with. Although, I did knit 'half' a top that was red and found it easy, but it was a slightly deeper red than yours.