Friday, December 29, 2006

Crochet bedspread, etc.

I learnt to crochet in my teens, fascinated by the beautiful things my mother used to make (and still makes) : tablecloths, bedspreads, name it. It's funny how I can often reproduce a crochet stitch without even following a pattern, and have a hard time following some relatively simple knitting patterns. Beats me!
This is the largest thing I have ever made, a cotton bedspread I made a few years back.

It took me years to finish it, about seven, and although I am quite proud of the results I doubt I will ever make anything similer to it, or so elaborated.

Another thing I learnt as a little girl was embroidery. Simple stitches of course, first of all cross stitch but not only that.
I have been meaning to get this framed, but I still haven't found a large enough round circular wooden frame for it. ( Sorry about the poor quality of this photo, it is a very nice piece of work I assure you!)

And now for this stitch, does anyone know what it's called?
I learnt it at a summer course held by nuns in a convent not far from here, and they called it "flame stitch". I find it very effective and beautiful and it reminds me of swedish weave....what do you think?

Well, if anyone has ever come across it please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I really love the pattern called "flame stitch" I would love to try and do it. I just recently started doing swedish weaving and I love it. Did you find out the name of it? Do you know the pattern to do it? Let me know. Thanks -Crystal
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