Monday, December 18, 2006

Deadlines? No. thank you.

I should have known better. Deadlines are not for me. Just a few weeks ago I had planned to finish, by the 20th of this month, four projects I had started some time ago:
1) the Christmas scarf
2) a cap for Fabio
3) the Fir cone shawl
4) a stole I have designed
Ok, I finished the Christmas scarf. And the rest? ....get the idea?
Anyone who has pets will know what I'm talking about. They can complicate your life, drain all the energy from you and freeze any enthusiasm you may have. Believe me , having to wipe dozens of muddy paw-prints from my family's room tiles is no joke.
Then there's the garden. Ours is a large 2000 square meter block of land, and this is what a small part of the garden facing north-east looked like a couple of months ago....

.....but not now. When I go out there I cannot help but look around me in despair as the weeds grow higher and higher and most of the plants are in need of urgent pruning before the cold wind from the north arrives and tears the branches away.
Do I sound like a "desperate housewife" in need of attention and feeling sorry for herself? Oh, you couldn't be more wrong. I will tell you what my problem is. I am a perfectionist. In every possible way. And when I see imperfection around me I tend to ( cowardly) close my eyes or look away. This is it..I'm just plain angry with myself for not having the capability of stopping things from getting out of hand and changing the events in some measure.
But enough of that.
As far as knitting is concerned, well I have actually managed to do some and I'm about to finish another scarf. My other projects will just have to wait till the new year.

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