Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coffe anyone?

I need a break.

And what is a break without a hot and strong cup of coffee?
Yes, caffeine is my drug and I can't live without it.

Progress on the beige shawl

and on the crochet stole I have decided to make with the blue laceweight wool I bought recently

I have estimated I will need approximately 5 balls (250gr.) of yarn for this project. There's an amazing difference between the amount of yarn it takes to make a crochet garment and the amount it takes to knit one. I wouldn't need more than 2- 2 1/2 balls to knit a stole of the same measure, but crocheting gives me the advantage of not having to follow a written pattern. I might have said this before, but it's impossible for me to knit anything other than simple ribbing at night when I'm relaxing in front of my favourite tv program.
Therefore I have been working on the beige shawl in the afternoon. No. I have been trying to work on my beige shawl in the afternoon. Which means knitting a row or two in between chores and at the same time planning my next project.
Oh yes. If you came close enough to my head you would hear a low buzzing sound coming out of my ears. No, I'm not an alien....it's simply my brain working overtime. PLEASE give me a 26 hour day! Is it too much to ask for? Just two extra hours would make me a happy woman. I need time for myself, to make my ideas and projects become reality....and I don't mean just for knitting! I have other passions, painting, writing (in italian of course), and I would like to experience some kind of lace making technique. Not to mention joining a gym.
Dreams, dreams.....

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