Friday, March 30, 2007


I certainly didn't expect to find this when I looked out my window the other morning:

...around the trees...

...on my favourite cicas.
Unusual for this time of year, but life goes on.
And my brain is working overtime again. What I have been thinking about is another blog or, better still, a site where I can make a proper gallery of my works, including my paintings, a recipe section, my ideas on recycling, etc..

Knitting news:
1) the beige shawl is currently resting inside the knitting basket. Why? Well I seem to have lost interest in that project but I am not planning to frog it (yet).
2) the crochet stole is almost finished. Which means I have about 10cm to go before working out some kind of edging. I had decided to leave it without but it turned out slightly narrower than I though.
3) I am trying to figure out a way of knitting a rectangular shawl on the bias. Now, what I want is not a diagonal shape (as in Clapotis, for instance), but a 90° angle on each corner of the shawl. In other words a perfect rectangle. I have an idea which to me seems right and it should work, at least in theory. Any suggestions?

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