Wednesday, September 12, 2007

About Ravelry...

Is there anyone out there who is not waiting impatiently for the Ravelry invite?
I have just checked out my position on the long long list. I am n. 12865 (but....who's counting?!?). My little sister got her invite days ago and this has given me the opportunity to lurk around the Ravelry community. What a great place! In the meantime I've decided to concentrate on my WIPs as well as on my long neglected UFOs, giving priority to the former.

On the hook:

this is going to make all the ladies who like my "Pink and lacy summer shawl" happy. I have decided to write a pattern for it and the easiest way for me to do it without risks of silly errors is to crochet another one. I normally wouldn't make more than one shawl per pattern unless I wanted to give it away as a gift but in this case I have to make an exception. Wish me luck!

On the needles:

ahh....this is my secret project for this month (or next....who knows...) and I will not talk about it until I have decided what to do with it. My hope is to submit it somewhere and as you can see I have taken out paper and pencil. This is all I can tell you about it at this stage.
This is it for today. I don't want to be caught unprepared in case my Ravelry invite arrives so..
back to work!

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