Thursday, September 6, 2007

This or that?

I'm in the middle of a dilemma. This is how it all started. Several weeks ago I was unpleasantly surprised discovering that I could not connect to my blog anymore. I tried and tried for days without any luck. Needless to say I was puzzled at first, then annoyed, finally I was plain angry. I'm talking about N&B, my first blog.The solution seemed inevitable: start a new blog somewhere else ,and I decided to sign up on Blogger. Since then I have been slowly transferring my old posts, including the photos (but not the comments because I'm not sure if that can be done), and I have copied and pasted almost 50% of all the posts....hard work!! Well, a few days ago my son talked me into changing provider for a more convenient and reliable one. I did, and guess what happened? I now can connect to my old blog without any problems whatsoever. Amazing. Now this is my dilemma: what do I do with two blogs ? I have this idea....keep them both. Yes, one for the "Needles", in other words knit, crochet, embroidery and anything related to those, and the other for the "Brushes" ( painting, glass decorating, etc...). This obviously means reorganizing archieves, links, and so on, but I believe it will be worth the trouble in the end. Oh well, life is never easy , right?

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